Deva Psion


Level 1 Deva, Telekinetic Psion

Ability Scores: STR 8, CON 12, DEX 10, INT 18, WIS 18, CHA 12

Defenses: AC 18, FORT 12, REF 15, WILL 17

Skills: Arcana 10, Dungeoneering 10, Insight 10, Perception 10

Feats: Unarmored Agility, Versatile Expertise

Powers: At-Will: Kinetic Trawl, Dishearten Encounter: Far Hand, Forceful Push Daily: Telekinetic Anchor Utility: Transport Self

Equipment: Cloth Armor (Flowform), Quarterstaff, Orb, Adventurer’s Kit, Ritual Book


A servant of Ioun for countless millennia, the Deva known as Malach rose through the ranks of Ioun’s advisors and soldiers for uncounted ages. In the lifetime when Malach was named to Ioun’s Military Council, he discovered and began to develop latent telekinetic powers. During his training to bring these abilities under control, a massive religious war broke out between men in the mortal plane. Ioun sent Malach out to be a representative at a meeting of godly powers to forge an alliance and a major agreement was formed.

In the division of power, Malach was named the Grand General of the Alliance as he was the most aged and experienced representative in the Alliance. His command of tactics and strategy, while impressive, was not enough to actually win battles at first and many bloody stalemates were fought. It was not until the Battle of Alderson’s Bend that Malach discovered that he could easily draw the forces of darkness into advantageous positions by sacrificing a single unit and then surrounding the charging soldiers. At first, this tactic was effective, but Malach began to lose favor as the gambit began to cost many soldiers’ lives. In a string of key confrontations, Malach sacrificed a number of units that were considered unnecessary losses, and he was forced to reconsider the tactic. At risk of becoming a rakshasa, Malach refused to continue using the feint as before and started to personally lead charges into the field, supplementing his frontline with his partially-developed psychic powers.

The turning point of the war, and the end of Malach’s contribution to the effort, was the defense of the leyline at the Battle of Emerald Ridge. Under the towering ridge, Malach set a defensive position that would force the attackers through a small pass at the base of the ridge. To prevent them from moving through the pass too quickly, Malach his himself and a group of volunteer psionics at the base of the ridge to trap the attackers in range of the artillery on the other side of the pass. But as Tiamat’s dragons rushed their position, the psionics revealed their true plans for the fight, and brought down the mountain.

In honor of his sacrifice, Malach was raised after the end of the war and granted full access to his psionic ability. No longer a slave of Ioun, it is unclear who the deva now serves. Though it is undoubtedly some force of balance and good in the world.


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