Schism: Consequences of the Divine

Time to Set the Dwarves Free...Yay.

So we met with the dwarven resistance down there in the mines led by some guy named Stalich Forgefather. (Ha…Forgefather, how original. Now I know most dwarves, even these weird stationary non-merchant kinds love their mining names but come on!). It turns out they had this underground death-bridge thing set up which they could use to take out the mercenaries vigilante style. The team and I decided to throw the Blades into chaos by convincing Lethesin that we finally cleared out those annoying fire buggers (While I knew I was never in any real danger, I was surprised how well some of the others fought). We figured he’d send down Telk and his team to verify our story and Malach would stay behind to take part in the ambush (I say that was a good call as in hand to hand combat he would go down faster than a Red Light District whore).

We made our way back to the surface (ugh, thank Erathis) and informed the Captain about the situation, leading him to believe that the deva died in battle and that we discovered a more extensive area past the forge room where some dwarven holdouts were hiding. We were right; he assigned his “genius” second in command and his team to investigate. After leading them down into the depths, we led them to the “newly discovered” bridge. Nightdew convinced them to investigate the door at the end of the bridge himself which turned out to a bad idea, as the second the hidden dwarven started firing, they smelled a trap and bum rush the Gauthak, Nightdew and I in the hall between the bridge and the forge. My compatriots took a beating before I could react. Once I locked those (pretty skilled) soldiers in place, however. We regained the upper hand. The dwarves on the bridge and Malach made short work of the rest of them including Telk. Only real casualty of the battle: Forgefather.

As we were catching our breath and patching our wounds, we planned on our next course of action. I realized that because they were worshipers of the Dragon Queen, they would probably fall apart if we could take out the Captain. But how to go about it? It was decided that Nightdew, who turned out to be a changeling, much to our surprise (one of our girls is a changeling by the way, and don’t you know changing form to suit any man’s fancy really brings in the gold) would change into Telk’s form, and report back to the Captain that while his troops were defeated in battle (the captain thinking he took them out in his rage) we were victorious. In preparation for this, he donned the big guy’s shit cover clothing; we tossed Malach’s “corpse) into a mining cart and Forgefather’s head into a bag and readied ourselves for the battle we figured might be imminent.

As we exited the cave, what do you know, Stalich and his harem/honor guard was there waiting for us. While putting on a good show, Nightdew slipped when he said we wanted to clean the dwarven blood out of his clothes as it was making him feel dirty. Bad move. The captain saw right through it and battle commenced. This was a tough one. All of his guard kept jumping in front of my flail when I was about to land the killing blow on this guy. Everybody but me went down at some point, but Malach really evened the score with his psyonic explosions (shows these idiots who get their magic from external sources such as pacts with devils, or bowing and scraping to the gods where the real power comes from, the mind). Towards the end of the battle, Nightdew freed the captives from their cages and they helped even the score. The rest of the mercenaries cut and ran and the dwarves jumped with glee. You know the faster I’m away from these morons and sitting with a girl in one hand and a mug of frosty ale in the other while racking in the money from the card tables back in the Harbor I will be happy.



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