Common Views on Races

Humans – The usual. Widespread and ambitious, but fractious.

Elves – Largely devastated in the war. Tend to be reclusive and suspicious of outsiders.

Eladrin – Mostly stayed out of the fighting, despite pleas from their elven cousins during the worst of it. Scattered cities that phase in and out of the Feywild.

Dwarves – Reputation for a stodgy, rules-bound culture. Almost always travel in large, well-armed groups. Also known as arms-dealers.

Halflings – A nuisance race. Underfoot everywhere, live in little clusters, but cheerfully undertake even the dirtiest jobs.

Half-elves – Nothing particularly unusual, although they are rare, due to elven suspicions.

Dragonborn – Live in mountainous enclaves. Have honor-bound warrior culture.

Tieflings – The original founders of the Free Cities, their origins are subject to much rumor. They are still most common in that area. Notoriously independent.

Common Views on Races

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