A Brief History

It’s been 30 years since the open fighting of the Schism has ended. That’s what the people who still remember call it.

Civilization huddles in its lonely surviving enclaves, suspicious of their neighbors, old alliances nearly forgotten.

It started, as so many things do, with something small and insignificant: Two men arguing over a cow. Each one took it to his own priest for mediation. Neither priest agreed with the other. They debated the point with their own respective scripture and doctrine. They went up their respective hierarchies for further guidance. Great levels of influence were brought to bear.

It became a matter of public opinion. Orators were brought in. Crowds were inflamed, passions invoked by ever greater rhetoric. Someone got trampled during a rally. Accusations flew. War broke out.

What started as a religious conflict inevitably drew in the nations where they held the most sway. The Empire of Thade. The Free Cities of Celedon. Alliances formed, and other kingdoms were drawn in. The seafaring Kingdom of Lettarsk. The elves of Mylan Cenia allied with the Free Cities under the promise of recovering lands annexed by Thade. Granitebreak, the most prominent dwarven holding on the surface joined with Thade in opposition. Promises were broken, and the elves turned on their allies. Thade made a deal with the Dragonborn Enclave of Kamenthad for a regiment of shock troopers, and the dwarves broke away in protest.

Few bother to remember the mundane details of the war now. The gods eventually interceded, with disastrous consequences. The last ten years of fighting were characterized by the armies of the divine laying waste to each other and the land. Twisted monstrosities brewed on other planes were introduced to the battles. Cities were leveled.

Towns and villages only survived the destruction by converting en masse to the worship of the power with the biggest nearby army. Some of those powers were snuffed in their celestial homes, and their armies scattered and ran rampant. Fighting lost purpose. Eventually, it stopped, as soldiers killed each other off. An uneasy peace has arisen in the last 30 years. Wary common folk rebuild their homes, looking over their shoulders for the next marauding band of masterless soldiers or skulking monsters. Fervent priests hold forth on the glory of their gods who have survived.

A Brief History

Schism: Consequences of the Divine Thenlar