Schism: Consequences of the Divine

Our Party Sets Out!

Aes Wasar, Denzsol Nightdew, Gauthak and Malach are working as guards for a local merchant caravan. Everything is all well and good until arrive at the bridge in the town of Grayspire, and see that it is out, sabotaged by kobolds. With a little down time on their hands, our intrepid party takes a commission from a local shop owner named Praden. They are to seek out the culprits of the bridge disaster, and put them down. At the same time, we are to keep an eye out for the Grayspire Innkeeper Vencen who went to investigate the kobold situation and who hasn’t been seem since. His daughter Arella is worried, so we head out to clear out the “problem.” Our first session ended deep in the kobold warrens.

Finishing off the Kobolds

I hate kobolds. From what I remember of my last life, I’ve hated them for something on the order of 7500 years. In all the time I have spent traversing the planes, I have never seen kobolds so resilient and resourceful as these. If they weren’t so abhorrent I might actually respect the damned things. After killing some of the vile creatures, we sent Nightdew to look around and he brought back a pair of Gloves of Agility. We let him have them. None of us could justify holding on to them. I found it odd that he didn’t tell us where he found them though. [he also found some potions of healing and gold, but didn’t tell us] Nightdew played scout for us before we moved forward to clean the cave, and he was good at it; he told us that they had arrayed themselves along a cliff in a fairly defensible position. We decided on a flanking maneuver, that lacked the element of surprise as Nightdew was immediately spotted. Despite this, Gauthak and Nightdew scrambled up the cliff as Aes ran around the ramp and completed the maneuver. Gauthak, set on fire by the little bastards, was temporarily overcome by the flames and came to after the battle ended. The little bastards weren’t too much of a problem in the end once we started actually thinking things through. I made short work of the stragglers and we took some time to gather ourselves.

We cleaned ourselves up and Nightdew, once again, set out to scout. The last room of the cave had another raised section fronted by a spiked floor. On the ledge was our final quarry, the damned chief. A good number of his tribe was scattered around him. Our little sneak also mentioned some reddish beetles (fire beetles) around the foot of the ledge and mentioned that he heard a male human, fearful. As we started our planning, I overheard what I assumed to be prayers to Tiamat; they were preparing some kind of ritual and I feared what these foul beasts could be preparing. I urged our party to action, and we made a mad dash for it. Immediately realized that I hate fire beetles more than some kobolds. A slinger put me under and I saw the next life, eternally frustrating, but Gauthak was able to bring me back and fortify me against the beasts. My own personal accomplishment consisted of pulling the chieftain through a stone column and then crushing him to death under a telekinetic trap I has laid for him. I know that my kind must show compassion lest we are punished in the next life, but these creatures deserve no sympathy. We fought bravely and freed the man that had been captured by the kobolds. It was Vensen, the innkeeper. Arella will be happy. He mentioned that a human from a village, who seems to worship Tiamat (a god of greed), was employing the kobolds to kill Vensen. We found some coins, and escorted Vensen out of the cave and returned to town around night. Nightdew and Aes went to confront Praeden and I went with Gauthak to return Vensen to his inn before returning to talk to Praeden. We confronted him and tried to get him to confess what he might know about Tiamat, with Nightdew hiding in wait in case he ran. He did. We followed him through the town and up to the roof of one of the ramshackle tenement houses where he, with the aid of the Raven Queen’s minions, confessed that mercenaries were on their way to take the town.

Nightdew and I took the traitor to be sentenced by the High Priestess of the Raven Queen. Upon arrival, I was immediately confronted by the Priestess. The time has come for me to own up to mistakes many years past.

Gotta Love Bagage

Seriously, I don’t know what band of merry men I’ve joined. Escorting Praden to the temple seemed simple enough. All in days work, right? Wrong. You think you can simply drop off a Tiamat lover at the doorstep of a Raven queen temple and leave, but instead this crazy 8ft spiked chain wielding lady starts attacking Malach. She swings at him again and again, till he kicks her in the knee and takes her down. Come to find out they know each other. From a previous life. A deva… with baggage… from a previous life… of which he remembers about 7000 years. Something about a general, not turning into a rakshasomething, and killing himself for the greater good. He tells me he will explain more later, but i really don’t want know more. Seems Malach ordered this priest Zevana to her death by sending her into battle. I still think it looked more like a ex-lovers quarrel. Where is a bard when you need one?

Then she starts to ask me questions. Oh yes, let me divulge my personal details to the crazy chain wielding witch. I obviously passed; I’d rather pass on dancing with her right now. At least she offered a bit of weaponry and gear to aid in the defense of the town.

We finally left-both of us still with our privates intact-to see if anything useful could be found at Praden’s shop. Aes was already there, but he hadn’t even found the safe. He certainly didn’t find the map in the back. He really should let the expert handle that. The map showed targets that needed to be taken out for mercenaries to have an easier time taking the village, both buildings and people. I decided to take the deva in confidence about what i really am. Seems like a trustworthy guy. We shall see; if he betrays my trust he will have an issue, and I will be off looking quite different… Perhaps like a deva. Off to find the council to see what we can do.

Aes went off to find the miller and Gauthak got the Smith. He certainly is a big guy that can handle himself in battle, but damn, he is equally good at whining. “Is my hammer ready yet?” Seriously, all that over a few runes on a hammer. I still don’t trust that mercenary captain, so i decided it was time to go snoop in his room. Had to get Vincent to help a bit. A bar fight was involved as well. Aes was helpful in distracting the captain as I looted his belt for the key. Kept his gold for my trouble as well.

Council really wasn’t of much use. Farmers can’t fight, priests are busy chanting. Time to suggest something useful. I will disguise myself as Praden and get the mercenary leaders across the narrow ford where we will ambush them. A few tree trunks to wipe out a good portion of the troops and some pitch for extra crisp. Nothing much useful in gear from the priestesses. A couple of healing potions and a flow form +1.

The plan worked like a charm. Idiots never knew I wasn’t really Praden and followed me across. Midway the ford I called out for Aes my trusty dwarf helper/scout. The villagers had been hacking at trees and dropped them in the water as they heard my signal. When Aes approached us I lit two arrows and set the pitch across the river ablaze. Nothing like squealing mercenaries. We made quick work of the rest, especially since I skewered the captain with an arrow in a way that almost made me cringe. We took this pretty elf thing captive, that was second in command.

Back at the inn we interrogated her. We found out a few interesting things. Tiamat has been a busy little dragon god. Seems quite a few towns have been converted to Tiamat including Wyvern Roost and Bloodhollow. A dragon by the name of Verrosariotherax is behind it all. For some reason the elf told us that its favorite food is mutton & venison. Strange. Bloodhollow is only 3 days away and Zevana strangely gave us some treasure to pay the dwarfs for their aid.

I gave the elf the chance to take her faith in her own hand instead of that of Praden who has been tied to the tower clock slowly dying. She was a smart girl and slit her own throat with the dagger i gave her. I shot Praden. Enough already.

What a day.

A simple man

After the events of my past I just wanted to live a simple life. Traveling around as a mercenary and taking jobs that allow me to apply my new philosophy in life, liberally applying hammer to faces. However it seems Kord has other plans for me. I find myself traveling with some strange companions a half elf who seems to have trust issues and difficulty understanding the concept of personal property, A deva who seems to have a psychological need to help people, and a dwarf who seems to have two unique talents in life bitching about nature and physical comedy, seriously in the short time I’ve known him I have seen him fall down a hole, fail to climb a rope, and get set on fire repeatedly, tough bastard though I don’t think I’ve ever seen him get really hurt during all of this.

But anyway on to more recent events journal. We were preparing for our journey to Bloodhollow still not sure why we repelled the mercenary band that was attacking the town. Oh btw the so called mercenary captain and his elite soldiers where a joke. My hammer that was recently consecrated to Kord really did a number on them granted Nightdew got the pleasure of killing the leader but my hammer got most of them. So we did our jobs, but apparently the Malach has decided to declare a war on the followers of Tiamat. I was trying to avoid getting in another religious war and you think that as a deva who fought in the Wars of heaven as my people call them he would want to at least take a break but apparently he want to pick up where he left off. But the rest of the group thought it was a good idea and I do owe them for aiding me when I fell against the kobolds so I decided to go along with it. So we left for our journey.

Our travel to Bloodhollow was actually pretty uneventful. The first night Nightdew tries to climb a tree in order to prepare for his watch, he fails miserably, I though his people live in trees they should be able to climb them maybe he takes after his human parent more. Anyway I decide to show him how you climb something and get a view of the surrounding area. My night passes uneventfully but the dwarf who kept us all up bitching by the way says he has a feeling that were being watched. I would like to know why he is trusting his feelings when he admits that he is already uneasy in a forest.

Anyway we spent three nights on the road and it was one of the easier journeys I’ve taken there was a nice road and soothing rain. Nothing like the treacherous mountain paths where I come from. The entire time Aes says that he thinks were being watched. And while the eyes of Kord are always upon us I don’t think that is what he meant. However both Nightdew and Malach could not find anyone and while there were signs of us being watched the cowards neither announced themselves or attempted to attack us. Show obviously they didn’t have hostile attentions and if they did they obviously would have been too weak to cause us serious harm.

So we finally approach the town of Bloodhollow two main concerns came to my mind. This first being where are all the dwarves and second being if the town was under siege where are the camps of the enemy. Luckily we soon encountered a guard. Who Malach proceeded to smooth talk into telling us what happened granted him being outnumbered probably had something to do with it.

Apparently the town fell during the time it took us to journey to it and had been captured. The dwarves were being kept as slaves by the blades of the chromatic scale. We were able to approach there leader a man by the name of Lethesin. Though the door man gave us a hard time a large man well large for a human by the name of Telk. (Making a mental note remember to hit him in face with hammer next time I get the chance) The captain proceeded to hire us to explore a dangerous section of the dwarven tunnels. I was barely paying attention to most of the conversation however I did notice Nightdew flirting with a bodyguard of the captain’s. Honestly I wasn’t too interested in helping the mercenaries out until they showed us what the reward would be for helping us. I saw the magical hammer in their vault. At that point I decided to go along with the mercenaries.

After we agreed to help the captain clear the tunnels the group for some unexplained reason decided to go see the quartermaster. She was a goliath. While that did catch my interest she lacked any of the proper marking from a tribe I recognize. In the mountains I call home the tribes all have distinct markings representing the tribe they came from she appeared to have none of them. After a short conversation the group decided to leave the quartermaster without buying anything, who thought it was a good idea to go again?

Anyway we entered the tunnels and began to explore. As we entered the area that had been sealed off we noticed a few things. There was a glow coming from the distance and second the large amount of burned bodies that were lying around the rocks that were ceiling of passageway. (Which reminds me set more things on fire starting with Telk) We entered a forge and in this forge we were attacked by fire elementals. The elementals managed to separate me and Malach from the rest of the group. Things however we were holding our own for awhile My ruins and Malach’s psionic gifts made a pretty potent combination and allowed Aes to distract the elementals however poor Nightdew he took a pretty good beating.

Everything for the most part was going fine until the dragon showed up. There was a dragon hiding in the lava. Then I thought it was going to be a rough battle. However apparently it was a small dragon because we proceeded to beat the lava off it. A couple of attacks and it went down like nothing. We still had to mop up a few fire elementals but they were not a serious threat.

After we recovered from the battle Nightdew decided to scout ahead. As sneaky as Nightdew is he still managed to bring back company. A group of dwarves who were armed with crossbows and pissed off. Apparently they were pissed at Aes and proceeded to yell at him. My dwarven is a bit rusty but apparently they don’t think he is a real dwarf and half a man. Though to be honest all dwarves are half a man.

The Dwarves apparently were the only people left who had not been enslaved by the blades of chromatic scales. They were using the dragon and the fire elementals to kill the patrols that approached them. Such a cowardly tactic to use. Followers of Kord would never use someone else to fight their battles without risking themselves.

The main dwarfs name was Stalich Forgefather and he wanted us to help him take back his town. We agreed and decided to hatch a plot to do so. We decided to let the mercenaries leader know that we cleared out the tunnels and then we would ambush the party he decided to send down here to clean out the tunnels. And while I’m curious to see how the plan will go I still don’t see how this will help us clear out all the other mercenaries who inhabit the town.

Time to Set the Dwarves Free...Yay.

So we met with the dwarven resistance down there in the mines led by some guy named Stalich Forgefather. (Ha…Forgefather, how original. Now I know most dwarves, even these weird stationary non-merchant kinds love their mining names but come on!). It turns out they had this underground death-bridge thing set up which they could use to take out the mercenaries vigilante style. The team and I decided to throw the Blades into chaos by convincing Lethesin that we finally cleared out those annoying fire buggers (While I knew I was never in any real danger, I was surprised how well some of the others fought). We figured he’d send down Telk and his team to verify our story and Malach would stay behind to take part in the ambush (I say that was a good call as in hand to hand combat he would go down faster than a Red Light District whore).

We made our way back to the surface (ugh, thank Erathis) and informed the Captain about the situation, leading him to believe that the deva died in battle and that we discovered a more extensive area past the forge room where some dwarven holdouts were hiding. We were right; he assigned his “genius” second in command and his team to investigate. After leading them down into the depths, we led them to the “newly discovered” bridge. Nightdew convinced them to investigate the door at the end of the bridge himself which turned out to a bad idea, as the second the hidden dwarven started firing, they smelled a trap and bum rush the Gauthak, Nightdew and I in the hall between the bridge and the forge. My compatriots took a beating before I could react. Once I locked those (pretty skilled) soldiers in place, however. We regained the upper hand. The dwarves on the bridge and Malach made short work of the rest of them including Telk. Only real casualty of the battle: Forgefather.

As we were catching our breath and patching our wounds, we planned on our next course of action. I realized that because they were worshipers of the Dragon Queen, they would probably fall apart if we could take out the Captain. But how to go about it? It was decided that Nightdew, who turned out to be a changeling, much to our surprise (one of our girls is a changeling by the way, and don’t you know changing form to suit any man’s fancy really brings in the gold) would change into Telk’s form, and report back to the Captain that while his troops were defeated in battle (the captain thinking he took them out in his rage) we were victorious. In preparation for this, he donned the big guy’s shit cover clothing; we tossed Malach’s “corpse) into a mining cart and Forgefather’s head into a bag and readied ourselves for the battle we figured might be imminent.

As we exited the cave, what do you know, Stalich and his harem/honor guard was there waiting for us. While putting on a good show, Nightdew slipped when he said we wanted to clean the dwarven blood out of his clothes as it was making him feel dirty. Bad move. The captain saw right through it and battle commenced. This was a tough one. All of his guard kept jumping in front of my flail when I was about to land the killing blow on this guy. Everybody but me went down at some point, but Malach really evened the score with his psyonic explosions (shows these idiots who get their magic from external sources such as pacts with devils, or bowing and scraping to the gods where the real power comes from, the mind). Towards the end of the battle, Nightdew freed the captives from their cages and they helped even the score. The rest of the mercenaries cut and ran and the dwarves jumped with glee. You know the faster I’m away from these morons and sitting with a girl in one hand and a mug of frosty ale in the other while racking in the money from the card tables back in the Harbor I will be happy.

A necromancer, a wizard with no name, and Stormmist Falls.
Watch out for the gnome.

The dwarves are freed and I am replacing my hatred for kobolds with a hatred for these Tiamat worshipping mercenary cowards. Especially the archers. On a more pressing note, we found a missive naming the regional subcommand headquarters at Stormmist Falls. Gauthak had heard of it; two weeks away in the foothills of the nearby mountains. The primary feature of the town is an 80 foot waterfall that bisects the town like a vertical river. It’s an ex-regional imperial city. Aes was giggly at the idea of going to a city. Honestly, I need to figure out where this dwarf is from. He hates caves, and loves his wine. Not ale. It’s nothing short of bizarre. Although it’s now dominated by these Tiamat whores, it was at one point a center of Peloric worship and devotion. The alliances of old still hold it seems.

We decided to stay the night and recover following the fight with the captain. We agreed to return in a few weeks to retrieve the new bow that Nightdew asked to have crafted. Aes put up a stink about staying in the guest quarters until we finally convinced him NOT to sleep outside by the wall. I was surprised Gauthak didn’t just knock him out and drag him inside. It would have been an entertaining fight.

That morning Nightdew and I were awoken by a terrible stench. Nightdew opened the door and we found ourselves face-to-face with the newly walking body of Shiana, one of the old captain’s lieutenants. All the soldiers – aside from the one I had bisected in rage – were resurrected/zombified by some crazed elf with a necromantic bent. I’m adding that to the things I really hate, elves in black.

The necromancer, clearly unhinged, seemed to have a particular affinity for calling us “the Illuiminated Ones”. We had no idea what he was talking about and started wailing on both him and the zombies. We decided to not kill him immediately to try and determine where he was from and why he wanted to kill us. As we tried to wake him up post-combat, I remembered some old cultish rumor about Illuminating something and that it may or may not be Pelor related. Nevertheless, still annoyed. We interrogated the hapless necromancer who let us know that it was a Vecna inspired prophecy that he was attempting to prevent. Unfortunately, all he could tell us was that his master, a self-styled Crippled Hand, sent him to kill us. We asked the dwarves to hold him until we got back from our sortie to Stormmist. As much as it slides me towards a darker life, I was more than happy to see him go screaming. Sometimes you have to punish to set people on the right path.

As we were leaving, we were instructed to see if we could procure some horses from The Hermit. His home in the forest was a marvel of craftsmanship, even more so once we realized that he did it singlehandedly. Truly a powerful arcanist. This wizard, called The Nameless, chose to provide us with some help by granting us four horses in exchange for us retrieving the best painting we could find of the Falls. We thanked him and set off for the city.

It took a little over a week, but we made it to the city after uneventful travel. Stormmist seemed to be run by the Order, but it didn’t have a feel of occupation. Gauthak noted that it looked like the mercenaries had been hired to protect the place. We also noticed a cleric of Pelor standing with the guards. The guards told us that goblins and orcs had been raiding the outlying towns. The cleric said that the Order was in good standing with the town as they had been hired to protect the Falls against the monsters in the area. I was personally surprised by this, but let it go at that. If the Order was helping these people, we had to let that happen.

We made it to the inn where Aes seemed to be more than happy to reside. The matron offered a number of art galleries where we could search for a painting of quality. Nightdew was more than happy to flirt again, thought I cannot fathom what he saw in this woman. I am beginning to wonder how old this changeling is, and if he has a mate. Most likely not given how he handles himself. I suppose he’d steal from her as well if she existed.

We decided to look at the work of one Tessan Bluefire and at the gallery in the Upper Districts. I went to see the “madwoman” Agrintha, to see what I could find in the way of magical items. Nightdew and Gauthak, after Nightdew chatted up the matron, went off to see the adventurer’s liaison and Aes went to the evening showing of the high end gallery.

(In the Cask and Barrel, Gauthak and Nightdew talked to the bartender, a half-Orc. He identified the liaison as a female officer in the company. They went with the officer, who identified herself as Lieutenant Usilka. She was more than happy to hire a group of adventurers to do some scouting. We were asked to take on some Orc Shamans. We would be paid 10 gold per person up front, but then we would be granted a bounty for each shaman totem brought back. Nightdew negotiated a higher bounty and accepted the job.)

(Aes changed into his eveningwear, and went off to the gallery showing but trying to make conversation with people in the street and determine the attitude of the populace with regards to the Order. The upper classes were generally negative towards the commander, Commander Ironscale, a Dragonborn. He attempted to get an invitation to a party held by one of the Sunlords where the Commander would be present. At the gallery, Aes started to realize that the culture in this town has been steadily decreasing. The curator, Tokori, was particularly pretentious. He requested a bribe to put Aes in touch with someone who could paint a picture of the falls.)

I went to see the madwoman. Her place was in a barren lot surrounded by other large buildings. Agrintha was a gnome with a serious anxiety problem. In all my remembered years I’ve never seen someone as tightly wound as this. I worried for a short time that she may have even tried to harm me. She’s an alchemist with a lot to sell. She seemed impressed with my psionic ability but unfortunately nothing that I was willing to purchase. I was also put off by the magical minefield she had designed to protect her home. Clearly she could use a friend of some sort, but I imagine she would only speak with another arcanist or magic user.

We all reformed at the Cask and Barrel as Nightdew was trying to steal from the local captain. Unlike the past few times he’s played this little game, it was a miserable failure. And then he tried to get out of it by sweet-talking the lieutenant. Honestly, he deserved the mental slaps I gave him for that. Aes pulled along to a private conversation and we were given the mission. Aes mentioned a plan to kill the Commander at some party coming up, but we decided to talk about it later. We chose to leave for the shamans before dawn to try and catch them as they awoke.

At dawn, we approached the ruins where we were told the shamans had made camp. We decided to scout the place and wait for some better light. We shall see what the dawn brings.

Time for a hammer based solution
Well apparently Malach is gone. To where or what I have no idea. We were planning to launch an assault on some orcs and he turned into some mechanical construct and fell apart. I did not have to much time to think about it not that I would anyway but it was a mild distraction to bashing orcs in the face. Yeah I have to say as far as bashing things in the face goes Orcs are up there in my top ten right next to kobolds and gnomes, why gnomes I don’t trust those tiny, shifty bastards. Anyway during the fight apparently a whichama call it a monk jumped down from the roof and punched a few orcs in the face. I like his attitude about face punching. Anyway we almost get through the fight and one Orc flees away from the tower, and another one fled downsatirs to warn his companions. I mananged to run him down and immobolize him before he got all the way downsatirs. We finished him off and had a quick chat with the monk. Apparently he is on some sort of quest with his fellow monks and they all died but him. Okay kind of stupid to send out a bunch of young monks on a quest if there going to get themselves killed but since he seemed to be able to handle himself and we were a man down we agreed to have him tag along. We went downstairs and were promptly ambushed luckily we were prepared for such a thing and mananged to eliminate the orcs attacking us. We began to hear chanting by Orcs to their god grummush. We were in the process of interupting the ceremony which invovled sacrificing a hobgloblin in a big eye on the ground. Nightdew was about to shoot him when I stopped him to firgure out what was going on because one of the orcs told us they needed to finish the ritual in order to stop the followers of bane. Bane why did it have to be Bane I have a long history with followers of his. Anyway the orcs attacked us and we had to defend ourselves. We managed to kill all of them after a long and grueling battle. However someone killed the hobgoblin so the ceremony couldn’t be completed which means we have to stop the hobgoblins ourselves. And of course as we exit the facility a bunch of hobgoblins show up. I’m bloody but I still have a few tricks up my sleeves if this gets ugly.
Orcs, hobgoblins, and corpses. Oh my!

We gathered together at the inn to determine our course of action. Nightdew was all ready to go for killing Commander Ironscale. I am conflicted about this course of action. Worshippers of Tiamat, despite the alliances of the Schism, are still the prime enemy of every single person living in the Temple, but he keeps this town safe from the besiegers. More or less. Aes mentioned that we should try to save the daughter of the farmer who was acting as an informant for the hobgoblins FROM said hobgoblins. Gauthak and I were with Aes in thinking that we needed to destroy the hobgoblins first. Nightdew is not the shrewdest decision maker out there, despite whatever he says whenever we disagree with him. Though he is skilled at what he does. If we ever go to the temple, I will have to try to teach him how to use the Rising Mist Path. At the very least it will bring the monks some much needed humor.

We decided on a fairly devious plan of action. We headed into the hobgoblin forest with the intent of killing a hobgoblin patrol, then using the bodies to make the orcs think hobgoblins had killed some of their warband, we should be able to induce the orcs to assault the hobgoblin warcamps. Gauthak was especially pleased as he would be able to solve problems in his preferred way. He calls them “hammer-based solutions”. I think he would like the Paladins at the temple. They both do love killing things that stand in their way. I also think this is why I get along with him. We seem to fight alongside each other particularly well.

Anyway, we struck out and set a trap with the thunderstone Nightdew and I swiped from the hobgoblin armory awhile back. We hid in the bushes and waited for our chance to strike. I would like to say that we quickly and efficiently dispatched them, but with Nightdew running from one of the cretins like a maniac and my terrible display of combat (my masters would send me back to the children’s lessons) it took a bit longer than expected. The magic some of those creatures wield is particularly dangerous. Despite the setbacks, we managed to slaughter the patrol and make off with the bodies. We then got a cart to bring the bodies up to the upper cliff where the orcs were. The gate guard was a bit suspicious, but it wasn’t much of a problem to get past him as we’ve been deputized by the Blades. I do not wish to talk about how that makes me feel. It does, however, rhyme with witty.

We found the trail of a raiding party burning a ranch. Paragons of morality that we are, we charged full bore to the defense of the sometimes burning ranchers. While the orcish berserkers were incredibly rough with us, we showed them no mercy. Unfortunately, only one rancher survived by the time we had dispatched the raiding party. While Nightdew began trying to calm her down, the rest of us set about trying to stage the scene as a hobgoblin attack on the orcs.

You can't spell slaughter with out laughter

We managed to goad the orcs into attacking the hobgoblins. Thank God I was beginning to tire of the cloack and dagger routine time to do what I do best hit things. Off course before that had to happened we had to uncover the traitor in our midst wich Nightdew managed to do. We then had to proceed to lead the orcs through the town without them attacking anyone to make our plan effective. We proceded to do this through intrigue, guile, and me running balls to the wall after insulting Grummsh repeatedly. Apparently I have a talent for religious insults and running.

Our plan did go off without a hich they orcs attacked the hobgoblins with their usual grasp off tactics and strategy that is to say rushed headlong into a fight they couldn’t win. Luckily we brought some scale soldiers with us. We managed to kill of most of the hobglobins when Aes got himself into trouble by attacking the leader who was in a nice set of platemail. Which I inherited after he died from “mysterious causes”. He was tough though took everything we had to knock him down. After the battle just ended so we are deciding what to do next.

A dwarven love story

Our brave heroes had mananged to slay the leader of the hobgloblins, and in doing so freed the city of stormist from the two warring parties of hobglolbins and orcs. While Shorin, nightdew, and Gauthak were busy looking over the corpsis Aes decided to check on the pens where the hobgoblins kept their prisoners little did he know that his was would soon be kept prisoner. He ment the most enchanting man by the name of jim. He was a formor prostitute with a heart of gold and broad shoulders. Aes instantly found himself smitten by Jim and the two decided to run off together to the city of twilight glen. The city of twilight glen was known for its views that most believed came about through the partnership of Melora, Selune, and Pelor. For in the city the Sun and the moon would reflect off the wide river and illuminate the the forest that most would describe as nothing short off equisite beauty. Jim and Aes would settle down in this city and decided to open up a shop selling hand made suits. Aes would deal with the people and Jim had a remarkable talent for sowing that he would put to good use. Their shop became famous throughout the continent for its quality and they would prove to be successful.

Meanwhile Gauthak, Shorin and Nightdew were left to handle the situation in Stormist. When they got back to Stormist. Gauthak and Shorin were both ready to leave Stormist but Nightdew wanted to double cross the Blades first. In order to do that he allied himself with Miara in order to kill commander Ironscale. However When Gauthak was accmopanying Nightdew to talk to Miara one of Miara’s guards didn’t know how to keep his God damn mouth shut. Gauthak learned were he would be latter and taught him and the friends he brought with him a lesson in self restraint. Nightdew and Miara formulated a plan to get commander Ironscale to see Miara and they would ambush him when he got there. Gauthak wanted no part of the plan but since Nightdew was an ally he decided to help him. Commander Ironscale arrived at Miara’s and got attacked by Miara’s guards. Gauthak proceeded to set them all on fire and while Ironscale was distracted Nightdew stabbed him in the back. After this happened we informed Usilka that Ironscale was dead and she ordered her troops to sack a MorningLords palace and kill everyone inside which she did. While all this was going on Shorin was consulting the Priests of Pelor about and artifact and a prophecy.

After all this had gone down and Shorin found out about the prophecy and the artifact. Our heroes were told to leave town by the one remaining Morninglord. Through consulting the Nameless they found out that they should go to a town and on their journey they were ambushed kobolds. They fought they kobolds driving them off. After they drove them off they chased them back to their camp were they found them worshipping a Dragon that had snuck up behind them.


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