Schism: Consequences of the Divine

Our Party Sets Out!

Aes Wasar, Denzsol Nightdew, Gauthak and Malach are working as guards for a local merchant caravan. Everything is all well and good until arrive at the bridge in the town of Grayspire, and see that it is out, sabotaged by kobolds. With a little down time on their hands, our intrepid party takes a commission from a local shop owner named Praden. They are to seek out the culprits of the bridge disaster, and put them down. At the same time, we are to keep an eye out for the Grayspire Innkeeper Vencen who went to investigate the kobold situation and who hasn’t been seem since. His daughter Arella is worried, so we head out to clear out the “problem.” Our first session ended deep in the kobold warrens.


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