Schism: Consequences of the Divine

You can't spell slaughter with out laughter

We managed to goad the orcs into attacking the hobgoblins. Thank God I was beginning to tire of the cloack and dagger routine time to do what I do best hit things. Off course before that had to happened we had to uncover the traitor in our midst wich Nightdew managed to do. We then had to proceed to lead the orcs through the town without them attacking anyone to make our plan effective. We proceded to do this through intrigue, guile, and me running balls to the wall after insulting Grummsh repeatedly. Apparently I have a talent for religious insults and running.

Our plan did go off without a hich they orcs attacked the hobgoblins with their usual grasp off tactics and strategy that is to say rushed headlong into a fight they couldn’t win. Luckily we brought some scale soldiers with us. We managed to kill of most of the hobglobins when Aes got himself into trouble by attacking the leader who was in a nice set of platemail. Which I inherited after he died from “mysterious causes”. He was tough though took everything we had to knock him down. After the battle just ended so we are deciding what to do next.



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