Schism: Consequences of the Divine

Whats wrong with being... practical

That blasted elf wasn’t a complete fool after all. I should have known better then to let them dismiss the tall tale by the elf. I as no other know that there is a core of truth to everything being said. It may not be obvious, it may not have been perceived correctly, maybe it is a flat out lie, but whatever is observed and said, has meaning. And after we stood knee deep in blood of both enemies and sacrifice, that tall tale of poisoning the city water isn’t so tall anymore. Definitely not as tall as the Medusa that “escaped” us.

Getting into the enclave of the passive Pelorians wasnt so hard. It really wasnt theirs anymore anyway, and now blatantly so. The Pelorians were nowhere to be seen… sacrifice was about to commence. We made our way to the temple, and out charade was up. A fight ensued with the Tiamatians, and the guards lost. I am not sure what the Monk is thinking, but bleeding on enemies does not strike them down.

I am surprised the monk didnt puke on his shoes when we entered the worship chamber. Guts, death and blood everywhere. Pelorians dragged in as they get sacrificed by the Deva. We came late, but not too late for some I suppose. Jumping up and down the seats the battle commences with us as the victor. It was ugly, gruesome, and I was ready for loot. I quietly move to the other side of the room and about to open the door. I reached for the door knob and it starts to open. I jump back and as if the day couldnt get any worse, a Medusa to top it off. Seriously? My lightning reflexes let me jump back to the other side from which I came, shooting this ugly excuse for sentient life.

At this point I, in a way, gained an awkward respect for the amount the monk can bleed. He stands in the middle of large rats and snakes and just starts gushing blood. I dont know what happened, but I actually felt… concern… for him. Much of the fight is a blur really, hidden by that weird realization. Me, Nightdew, changeling and lonely traveller, actually caring about more than the next loot and saving my own hide. I want to tell myself this party is just here as a vehicle and provider of opportunities… but it isnt so anymore. I remember even wanting to take that Bahamut amulet out and to see if it would help Soren… ugh i want to vomit.

Looking over this amulet, I wonder if it has an effect on me. Would lore be true and that items do exist that can affect a person, a free individual like myself? My nature rings warning bells, but why am I not as alarmed as I feel I should be. Should I just give this thing away and be done with it? Hell, I even put myself in more harm than I normally would. Setting up getting poison to make contact with the Vecnites and Cehiren to discover the plans to poison this city. This city that has cost me so much and I never wished to visit again. The city in which my parents were murdered and the city of my vengeance. The city that houses zealots and idiots—just in case there is a difference—and I care, why?

I have to say though, it went smoothly. I made contact with apothecary like I did so many moons ago. For some reason I chose Sevana. I suppose her dark beauty felt fitting. Contact would be made inside of am abandoned boathouse where i would purchase poison. Deva, Medusa… how about a lizard, a walking lizard of all things, selling me potions. The rest of my party as of yet undiscovered, I tell him that I am not really there to buy potion. With my dagger close, I wait for the creature to respond. It seemed intrigued. It let’s me explain what my goal is. I tell it that I want to join their underworld, the world I feel i belong in. It was hard to keep a straight face when it told me how to proof myself. I have to kill my party, and well, myself. I can do that… or at least make it look like that. Though getting my party to cooperate may be the more difficult part…



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