Schism: Consequences of the Divine

Time for a hammer based solution

Well apparently Malach is gone. To where or what I have no idea. We were planning to launch an assault on some orcs and he turned into some mechanical construct and fell apart. I did not have to much time to think about it not that I would anyway but it was a mild distraction to bashing orcs in the face. Yeah I have to say as far as bashing things in the face goes Orcs are up there in my top ten right next to kobolds and gnomes, why gnomes I don’t trust those tiny, shifty bastards. Anyway during the fight apparently a whichama call it a monk jumped down from the roof and punched a few orcs in the face. I like his attitude about face punching. Anyway we almost get through the fight and one Orc flees away from the tower, and another one fled downsatirs to warn his companions. I mananged to run him down and immobolize him before he got all the way downsatirs. We finished him off and had a quick chat with the monk. Apparently he is on some sort of quest with his fellow monks and they all died but him. Okay kind of stupid to send out a bunch of young monks on a quest if there going to get themselves killed but since he seemed to be able to handle himself and we were a man down we agreed to have him tag along. We went downstairs and were promptly ambushed luckily we were prepared for such a thing and mananged to eliminate the orcs attacking us. We began to hear chanting by Orcs to their god grummush. We were in the process of interupting the ceremony which invovled sacrificing a hobgloblin in a big eye on the ground. Nightdew was about to shoot him when I stopped him to firgure out what was going on because one of the orcs told us they needed to finish the ritual in order to stop the followers of bane. Bane why did it have to be Bane I have a long history with followers of his. Anyway the orcs attacked us and we had to defend ourselves. We managed to kill all of them after a long and grueling battle. However someone killed the hobgoblin so the ceremony couldn’t be completed which means we have to stop the hobgoblins ourselves. And of course as we exit the facility a bunch of hobgoblins show up. I’m bloody but I still have a few tricks up my sleeves if this gets ugly.



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