Schism: Consequences of the Divine

Return to Daash

Damn forests. They are fine when just traveling but you never know what to expect. Especially not the damn dragon curled around the trees and we never even heard him. I suppose I could learn a thing or two about being silent from this creature. At least we didnt have to fight it. This relatively young dragon by the name of Verrosariotherax wanted to make a deal. We take a kobold to Daash and when it completes it’s mission we can make a selection from it’s hoard. Not a bad deal. We keep choice whether or not to keep the deal, and walk away with all our lives and if we choose to, we can return and kill the creature anyway a bit more prepared.

Squibbels… what a name… how fitting a name for the damned little kobold we took with us. We didnt want to have to deal with questions so I suggested we would take the smallest Kobold and stuff it in a bag. We knocked it out a few times to keep it quiet. It did piss itself in Gauthaks bag, but that was nothing a few dunks into a water throe couldnt fix. It was good and quiet not by choice when we passed the caravan. This will work as we move into Daash. Squibbels needs to deliver a message to a “Big guy”. Squibbels might very soon find a big guy in between the enclaves as i set him “free” to run for his life to escape being turned into food…

Daash… nothing has changed. Still the damned same place as before. Bunch of misguided zealots everywhere. Hammerstock hasnt changed much, as is to be expected of a place filled with dwarfs. They still like to fight and Gauthak fits right in. Had a nice little brawl on the first evening we are there. Gets all buddy buddy with a dwarf who introduces him around after they share a prison cell. I would make a joke, but I suppose I do have respect for the “Hammer based solution” he applies, and questioning his manhood wouldnt go over well. Seems to be more depth to Gauthak than I thought though. There is a context in which he fights, and he told the dwarf thanks but no thanks for some random fighting… thing. I dont even want to know. Should be interesting to watch for in the future and how it could fit in.

Alion is becoming predictable in his unpredictability. I always thought there was something mysterious to the elf, but actually he is just an impulsive tool. Squibbels disappeared, and lo and behold Alion took him on the roofs. Trying to keep track of Alion is like herding cats; pointless. We shall see where this ends, but for now he does seem to have a knack to hoover at the right side of the edge of trouble.

Shorin and I decided to do a little scouting. This young monk is something else. He equals me in his skill of stealth as was evident from our moving about between the enclaves making our way to the Sun’s cradle. He’s a better climber than I am, but he royally fucked up trying to get up the wall of the Sun’s Cradle. Considering that these vigilantes are zealots and always on the watch for attacks, we were lucky to get away. I never did slap him upside the head, even though I should.

The next day he decided to go and visit the Sheltered Wing, Bahamuts enclave. He mentioned something about a trial and the extremes in punishment. Seems he made a friend with some Paladin that shared some of their views. I suppose my companions havent been able to get accustomed to the zealotery of this city—they better get used to it quick. He tried to play it off, but I think he made a fool of himself when he was showing off his fighting skill with his spear. Nonetheless he has the intention of meeting with Knight-Commander Kerrick.

In the morning i went out again to the Sun’s Cradle and was of course questioned at the gate. Very detailed questioning. I can appreciate the attention to detail, but get a life already. I found out a little bit about this organization that wants back my artifact. I am just curious by now, who these people are. These people all pay lip services to not having secrets. Yet, in the first inn I visited, this beautiful elf lady by the name of Lyandra clearly wasnt as happy as she pretended to be. Talk about patriotism to the extreme. I offered to take her away for the day some day soon, and she pretended like she didnt understand. Somehow that made her only more endearing. Anyway… she was able to tell me a little more about these Pelorian Zealots; the order of the Radiant Eyes. They sound like a bad lot and shrouded in a sort of mystery. Somehow it makes sense that nobody can put you in contact with them, because they will simply find you. How does that even make sense in a place that is so keen on keeping nothing secret? Daggin seems to be a name that keeps popping up, and I should find out more information.

I also visited the enclave in which i was born, where i lost the family I had, and little is left of when I was there. Crescent is still the enclave to my heart. As changeable as I am, and always evolving. Few can recognize the structure in the chaos, but it all evolves quite naturally. Families come and go, and the dynamic remains and is a constant. I suppose I am a little homesick, and strangely satisfied that I played my part in wiping out a family out of existence that did my family wrong.

A secondary Pelorian enclave really isn’t one. Here again the Pelorians are under the protection of Tiamat, and here again they are milked. I am starting to really dislike these fellows that stand in the way of opportunity.



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