Schism: Consequences of the Divine

Orcs, hobgoblins, and corpses. Oh my!

We gathered together at the inn to determine our course of action. Nightdew was all ready to go for killing Commander Ironscale. I am conflicted about this course of action. Worshippers of Tiamat, despite the alliances of the Schism, are still the prime enemy of every single person living in the Temple, but he keeps this town safe from the besiegers. More or less. Aes mentioned that we should try to save the daughter of the farmer who was acting as an informant for the hobgoblins FROM said hobgoblins. Gauthak and I were with Aes in thinking that we needed to destroy the hobgoblins first. Nightdew is not the shrewdest decision maker out there, despite whatever he says whenever we disagree with him. Though he is skilled at what he does. If we ever go to the temple, I will have to try to teach him how to use the Rising Mist Path. At the very least it will bring the monks some much needed humor.

We decided on a fairly devious plan of action. We headed into the hobgoblin forest with the intent of killing a hobgoblin patrol, then using the bodies to make the orcs think hobgoblins had killed some of their warband, we should be able to induce the orcs to assault the hobgoblin warcamps. Gauthak was especially pleased as he would be able to solve problems in his preferred way. He calls them “hammer-based solutions”. I think he would like the Paladins at the temple. They both do love killing things that stand in their way. I also think this is why I get along with him. We seem to fight alongside each other particularly well.

Anyway, we struck out and set a trap with the thunderstone Nightdew and I swiped from the hobgoblin armory awhile back. We hid in the bushes and waited for our chance to strike. I would like to say that we quickly and efficiently dispatched them, but with Nightdew running from one of the cretins like a maniac and my terrible display of combat (my masters would send me back to the children’s lessons) it took a bit longer than expected. The magic some of those creatures wield is particularly dangerous. Despite the setbacks, we managed to slaughter the patrol and make off with the bodies. We then got a cart to bring the bodies up to the upper cliff where the orcs were. The gate guard was a bit suspicious, but it wasn’t much of a problem to get past him as we’ve been deputized by the Blades. I do not wish to talk about how that makes me feel. It does, however, rhyme with witty.

We found the trail of a raiding party burning a ranch. Paragons of morality that we are, we charged full bore to the defense of the sometimes burning ranchers. While the orcish berserkers were incredibly rough with us, we showed them no mercy. Unfortunately, only one rancher survived by the time we had dispatched the raiding party. While Nightdew began trying to calm her down, the rest of us set about trying to stage the scene as a hobgoblin attack on the orcs.



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