Schism: Consequences of the Divine

Daashing Good Time

So Nightdew finally met the famous Dagen in the library. From what I gather, he’s a secretive member of the Avengers. From what I was told, the man is incredibly confident in his abilities and was more than happy to talk about it in annoyingly veiled terms. Of course, Nightdew decided to play it off as dumb, which seems to get us into trouble more often than not. For people who hate secrets, he was very good at being circuitous in his answers. Seems that Pelorians demand the truth from all non-Pelorians and each other, but refuse to give straight talk to non-Pelorians. I say, they’re dicks.

And they know about us. They know a lot about us. Dagen basically told Nightdew that he was a prisoner of the library. Nightdew, being Nightdew, decided to wait for a noon time service to try to make his escape. I think he hates books. Just a thought though.

I chose to go meet with the Knight-Captain Graver who would deign to give me orders for the evening. However, this captain seemed very interested in the idea of living vicariously through martyrdom. Just not his own martyrdom. I wasn’t too happy with this turn of events. This was a group of valiant fighters who were killing themselves off in a futile display of not-their-bravado. Scratch that, getting killed by a terrible leader. I decided with Nacene that we needed to try something more tactically sophisticated.

Meanwhile, Gauthak finally met Bigman. Turns out, he’s deva that has been preaching the crippling doctrine of non-violence to the Pelorians in the secondary enclave. Bigman was planning on sacrificing all the Pelorians for the empowerment of an artifact that the green dragon wants for himself (as much as I could try to pronounce that creatures name, it make my tongue hurt last time). Gauthak decided that the best plan was to disrupt this with his usual style and came to get me.

Nightdew attempted to make his escape as the service ended. His plan was to blend into a group to make his way out of the church. Seemingly successful, he started to make his way out of the compound. In a new skin, he did what he could to get past the gate guards in an assumed identity and seemed to do so, despite an avenger trying to discern his location.

My plan managed to save some lives but seemed to inspire the Knight-Captain to greater heights to idiocy. I guess if you stop a crazy person with logic, they’ll never learn. Knight-Lieutenant Daera, a dwarf of all things, informed me that it’s been this way for awhile. In fact, she only gained her rank because of the Captain’s actions. But on my way to inform the Knight-Commander of the Captain’s terrible decisions ran into Gauthak, who I persuaded partially to not bother us during the meeting. The last thing I needed was to explain that a follower of Kord was A) my friend and B) not something to kill. I confronted the Commander and the Captain and presented my case.

Shockingly, I was able to bring the Captain to court-martial, and in thanks, received blessings and equipment from the Commander. Then came the reveal. We spoke to the Highfather at the Temple and told him that we were carrying the Scale. We also asked for aid in shaking the Pelorian Inquisitors. For our service, I received a Ward of Bahamut, another freaking prophetic thing. It’s honestly the last thing I was both expecting and desiring to get today. Nightdew got the Bracers of Escape, very much something in his style. Gauthak got the Couter of Second Chances, something to help him hit things. I don’t understand why these great works of armor have to have such strange names. Wouldn’t “Hit ’Em Harder” bracers make more sense?

We’re making for the Pelorian compound now, but I seriously doubt we’ll make it there before the Avengers come for us. And Alion just ran off. Wonderful. This is going to be massively fun.



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