Schism: Consequences of the Divine

Avenger ambushes

Turns out when being hunted by avenegers one should avoid dark alleys who knew. We were travelling down an alley and we got ambushed by four avengers. They surrounded us and were beating us pretty good. The paladin was capable of holding the front line while me and the monk tried to break through the back line. After intense fighting we did manage to succesfully break out of the ambush and we regrouped at a nearby building. The squicher members of our party wanted to hole up in this building even though our best bet was to run back into the street while they were repositioning. We waited in the building to long and we got ambushed as they flanked around the back. Luckily I charged and managed to kill two of them while the paladin and nightdew got the other. The monk did nothing but bleed.

We then rushed our way to the pelor district to prevent the Deva from sacrificing his followers. However we were stopped at the gate and the monk provoked a fight with the gaurds. This fight went alot smoother. We dropped the two closest to us pretty quick and then we had to engage the archers. After I dropped the soldier on the frontline. I saw the monk ineffectually hitting one of the archers so I charged the archer and smashed him in the face with my hammer. Thats a kill count of four. While the monk has zero. Why do we keep him around again?



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