Schism: Consequences of the Divine

A dwarven love story

Our brave heroes had mananged to slay the leader of the hobgloblins, and in doing so freed the city of stormist from the two warring parties of hobglolbins and orcs. While Shorin, nightdew, and Gauthak were busy looking over the corpsis Aes decided to check on the pens where the hobgoblins kept their prisoners little did he know that his was would soon be kept prisoner. He ment the most enchanting man by the name of jim. He was a formor prostitute with a heart of gold and broad shoulders. Aes instantly found himself smitten by Jim and the two decided to run off together to the city of twilight glen. The city of twilight glen was known for its views that most believed came about through the partnership of Melora, Selune, and Pelor. For in the city the Sun and the moon would reflect off the wide river and illuminate the the forest that most would describe as nothing short off equisite beauty. Jim and Aes would settle down in this city and decided to open up a shop selling hand made suits. Aes would deal with the people and Jim had a remarkable talent for sowing that he would put to good use. Their shop became famous throughout the continent for its quality and they would prove to be successful.

Meanwhile Gauthak, Shorin and Nightdew were left to handle the situation in Stormist. When they got back to Stormist. Gauthak and Shorin were both ready to leave Stormist but Nightdew wanted to double cross the Blades first. In order to do that he allied himself with Miara in order to kill commander Ironscale. However When Gauthak was accmopanying Nightdew to talk to Miara one of Miara’s guards didn’t know how to keep his God damn mouth shut. Gauthak learned were he would be latter and taught him and the friends he brought with him a lesson in self restraint. Nightdew and Miara formulated a plan to get commander Ironscale to see Miara and they would ambush him when he got there. Gauthak wanted no part of the plan but since Nightdew was an ally he decided to help him. Commander Ironscale arrived at Miara’s and got attacked by Miara’s guards. Gauthak proceeded to set them all on fire and while Ironscale was distracted Nightdew stabbed him in the back. After this happened we informed Usilka that Ironscale was dead and she ordered her troops to sack a MorningLords palace and kill everyone inside which she did. While all this was going on Shorin was consulting the Priests of Pelor about and artifact and a prophecy.

After all this had gone down and Shorin found out about the prophecy and the artifact. Our heroes were told to leave town by the one remaining Morninglord. Through consulting the Nameless they found out that they should go to a town and on their journey they were ambushed kobolds. They fought they kobolds driving them off. After they drove them off they chased them back to their camp were they found them worshipping a Dragon that had snuck up behind them.



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